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About Your Workshop

Drysuits are becoming increasingly more mainstream, easier to use and more affordable. This workshop will give you the knowledge you need to make decisions to purchase a drysuit, upgrade your old one, rent for now, take a course, or just stick to the good old wetsuit.

The Fun Stuff

Curious about Drysuits? Looking to expand your knowledge? Or, do you just have a free evening and want to hang out with a bunch of divers? This is the workshop for you. Attend our workshop, hang out with some cool divers, and learn a lot about exposure protection. This workshop is fun, informative and best of all... Free. You must reserve a spot because we can only comfortably seat up to 12 people. This workshop fills up fast!

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding Wetsuits and Semi Dry Wetsuits
  • Understanding Drysuits
  • Additional Risk Factors when Drysuit Diving
  • Types of Drysuits (Features, Benefits, and Differences)
  • Drysuit Options and Accessories
  • Renting Versus Buying
  • Tips and Advice when Buying a Drysuit


No Prerequisites

Student to Dive Professional Ratios

We limit it to 12 people for comfortable seating.

Course Fee - FREE

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